Complete Doctoral Regalia for Primus University of Theology


  • Primus University Gown with scarlet velvet and gold piping on an elegant black body.
  • Hood has scarlet velvet trim denoting the Theology degree. Lined with luminous royal blue and gold satin signifying Primus University.
  • 8-sided doctoral tam includes silk tassel. Upgrade to a gold bullion tassel can be purchased for an additional $20
  • Includes heavy garment bag for free. 

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Product Details

Regalia Set

The body of the gown is made of the highest quality black polyester crepe. The sleeve chevrons and front panels are made with plush scarlet velvet and finished with gold piping. Bell sleeves are used, in the doctoral gown tradition. A full-length zipper in the front and two side pockets are also included.

The body of the hood is constructed black polyester crepe and plush, red velvet, which denotes the Theology degree. The hood is lined with luminous satin in royal blue and gold, signifying the Primus University colors. The entire hood is finished with royal blue satin trim.

The eight-sided cap is made of our finest black plush velvet, which is recognized worldwide as the industry standard. A silk tassel is included with the cap. A luminous gold bullion tassel can be included for an additional $20.

Gown: Polyester Crepe | Plush Velvet
Hood: Polyester Crepe | Satin | Plush Velvet
Cap: Plush Velvet