Look Your Best on the Big Stage

Watch our tutorial on how to correctly put on your hood!

First things first, the velvet should be showing

When putting on your hood, make sure the velvet side is showing, with the satin lining hidden.

Swing hood over your shoulders

Place your palm under the section of the hood that lays on your neck, then carefully swing it over your head and on to your shoulders

Adjust as needed around your neck and shoulders

The hood should be worn draped around your neck and around your shoulders with the largest portion of the hood hanging down your back.

Remember, the velvet border should be showing closer to your neck and on the top portion of the hood.

Show off your school colors!

To expose the lining of the hood, indicating your school colors, have a friend straighten the hood then fold the velvet portion at the bottom of the hood back.


There is a cord on the back of the hood that should be fastened to the button adjacent to the cord, to prevent the hood from sliding off your shoulders.

Lastly, for your comfort, fasten the cord on the front of the hood to the button inside the gown. The button is on your left side next to the zipper.