At CAPGOWN the cornerstone of our business philosophy is genuine customer satisfaction. With the uncertainty posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to share our return policy

Purchased Regalia
We are extending our guaranteed return policy for all regalia purchases in the event that your graduation ceremony is canceled. Please inform us anytime before your graduation date and we will refund your purchase in full once we receive the regalia. Please note, the regalia must not be worn and the cost of the return package is to be covered by you.

Rental Regalia
If you are a rental customer and your university elects not to hold a commencement ceremony, you can cancel your order up to three weeks prior to the original date of the commencement. Once we receive the cancelation request, we will refund your credit card.

Additionally, for those who would still like to receive their regalia for future commencement ceremonies or to take pictures, we will continue to ship out orders in a timely manner.

We know you have worked diligently to arrive at this truly commendable stage in your academic journey and want to provide you with greater peace of mind.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors.



CAPGOWN was started by a Stanford Ph.D. who believes everyone should be able to celebrate their accomplishments in high-quality, well-made doctoral regalia.

Premium Quality

Our products are tailored with super-premium fabrics – plush velvet, breathable crêpe, and luxurious satin – that will last throughout your career.


Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to offer the best prices without sacrificing quality. With our regalia, you can save up to $600 compared to the university bookstore!

Customer service

Hundreds of positive five-star reviews say it all! We offer quick and friendly service with free shipping both ways. If you are not happy with your order, contact us and we will assist you right away.

We make it easy to wear your school colors

With either option, you will walk across that stage proud, smiling ear to ear!


This is the best option if you're going into academia or want to own your regalia

Save up to 60% compared to the bookstore!

Well-made, premium regalia that is worthy of your achievement.

Don't wait four to eight weeks! We have your regalia in stock and will fulfill your order within one day.

Save up to $45 per set when you order with ten or more colleagues.

Free returns if you're not happy!


Wear your University regalia without spending a fortune

Starting at only $125!

The regalia we rent is of the same premium quality and appropriate school colors.

Arrives at your door at least seven days prior to ceremony.

Option to purchase any part or entire regalia set at a discounted price.

Return with ease with the free shipping label within seven days of your ceremony.


Free Shipping

Free Exchanges

Looking truly regal at the ceremony!

What do the doctors say?

Hundreds of happy grads and faculty members have said it all!

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