UC Santa Cruz 2020 Graduate Commencement





June 12, 2020


Ph.D. Regalia Attire

The University of California Doctoral Gown is in UC Blue with gold piping. The Doctoral Hood has a UC Blue velvet trim with UC Blue and Gold lining. The cap comes with a gold silky tassel but can be upgraded to a gold bullion tassel (Ph.D. Only).

Note: All UC Campuses share the same doctoral regalia.


UC Santa Cruz Commencement

Quick History of UCSC

Established in 1965, UC Santa Cruz is a public research institution that originally focused on undergraduate programs. The campus is located just 75 miles south of San Francisco near the seaside community of Santa Cruz. The campus rests on 2,001 acres of forest that overlook the Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The University of California, Santa Cruz uses a residential college system, in which there is a combination of the student support found in small colleges with the educational resources found at a major university. There are approximately 25 miles of jogging and hiking trails on campus.


The mascot of UCSC is Sammy the Slug. Sammy had originally been an unofficial mascot favorite of the school. In 1980, the school chancellor attempted to rebrand the school as “the sea lions”, but the students continued to call themselves the banana slugs. In 1986, a mascot election was held between the two and the slugs won by a landslide, making it the official school mascot.

Notable Rankings

UC Santa Cruz offers graduate programs in over 30 fields and even has a joint law program with UC Hastings that allows students to earn a law and bachelor’s degree in six years instead of seven. Environmental sustainability is a large aspect of campus life at UCSC, with more than 20 organizations dedicated to the cause. UCSC is known nationally for its space science and astronomy programs, as well as for housing the Lick Observatory, an astronomical observatory that established the school as a center for astronomy research.

Additional Information

Main Campus Address: 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Main Campus Phone Number: 831-459-0111
School Colors: UCSC Blue & Gold


Not all Graduate programs and dates may have been listed above. Please refer to the school website for more information.