UC Merced 2020 Graduate Commencement Date

All graduate candidates are simply separated into the program's specific school.




Graduate Commencement Date

May 16, 2020


Ph.D. Regalia

The University of California Doctoral Gown is in UC Blue with gold piping. The Doctoral Hood has a UC Blue velvet trim with UC Blue and Gold lining. The cap comes with a gold silky tassel but can be upgraded to a gold bullion tassel (Ph.D. Only).

Note: All UC Campuses share the same doctoral regalia.




uc merced commencement

Quick History of UC Merced

UC Merced is the most recent addition to the University of California campuses. The tenth UC School to open, UC Merced was established in 2005 in the San Joaquin Valley of Merced County. The Virginia Smith Trust donated 1,030 acres of land for the construction of the school. Because the campus is so close to the Yosemite National Park, it is a common recreational area for students. UC Merced’s first graduation ceremony occurred on May 16, 2009, where Former First Lady Michelle Obama gave the school’s first commencement address.


A mascot competition was held 5 years before the official opening of the school in which the Bobcats came out the winner. Former Chancellor Tomlinson-Keasey revised it to be the Golden Bobcats, to reflect the sunlight of the valley that shines onto campus. A few years after the school opened, Rufus Bobcat became the official UC Merced mascot and Golden Bobcats refer to its students.

Notable Rankings

UC Merced has 3 schools that offer multiple programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The university’s Graduate Division programs include Environment Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Social and Cognitive Sciences, Biological and Electric Engineering, and more. UC Merced’s School of Engineering received an ABET accreditation for its engineering programs in Mechanical, Environmental, and Materials Science. Because of its location, UC Merced is known for being dedicated to environmentally friendly research has received over $100 million in grant funding.

Additional Information

Main Campus Address: 5200 N Lake Rd, Merced, CA 95343
Main Campus Phone Number: 209-228-4400
School Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Alma Mater: My Merced


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