UC Berkeley 2020 Graduate Commencement Date





May 16, 2020


Ph.D. Regalia Attire

The University of California Doctoral Gown is in UC Blue with gold piping. The Doctoral Hood has a UC Blue velvet trim with UC Blue and Gold lining. The cap comes with a gold silky tassel but can be upgraded to a gold bullion tassel (Ph.D. Only).

Note: All UC Campuses share the same doctoral regalia.



UC Berkeley Commencement Dates


Quick History of UC Berkeley

Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is the first established UC School and is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Originally just called the University of California, “Berkeley” was added to the name as the school began to expand down into Southern California. The school’s name is still frequently shortened to “Cal”. Located in Berkeley, CA, this 1,232-acre campus is home to multiple research institutions and museums.


Oski the Golden Bear debuted as school mascot in 1941. His name was derived from the school’s spirit yell, better known as the “Oski Yell”. Students are referred to as the Golden Bears.

Notable Rankings

In general, UC Berkeley is known for its strong sports teams (and its famous rivalry with Stanford University), its research-based institutions, and political activism. The university offers 97 research-based doctoral programs and 31 professional-based graduate degrees. They have received a #1 ranking for some of their doctoral programs. A few of them are as follows: Astrophysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Physics, Genetics, and Environmental Engineering. 

Additional Information

Main Campus Address: 101 Sproul Hall Berkeley, CA 94720
Main Campus Phone Number: 510-642-6000
School Colors: Berkeley Blue & California Gold
Alma Mater: All Hail Blue and Gold


Not all Graduate programs and dates may have been listed above. Please refer to the school website for more information.