Stanford 2020 Graduate Commencement Dates:





June 13, 2020


Ph.D. Regalia Attire

The Stanford University doctoral regalia is an open-front gown with the Stanford emblem on each collar. The hood is trimmed with satin and deep blue velvet, which signifies the Ph.d. The hood's color is respective to the graduate's department. An octagonal black cap with a silk tassel completes the outfit. 


Stanford Commencement

Quick History of Stanford

Located near Silicon Valley, Stanford University is considered a prestigious university for its academic strength and wealth. Leland and Jane Stanford founded the school in memory of their son and opened its doors to students in 1891. Stanford is one of the top fundraising schools in the nation and is the first university to have raised over a billion dollars in one year. The school was nicknamed “Cornell of the West” because of a large portion of the faculty were former Cornell professors and alumni. Stretching across 8,180-acres of land, Stanford University is one of the largest campuses in the nation.


Stanford does not currently have an official mascot. “The Indian” was the original mascot adopted in 1930 but was later dropped over objections from the student body. Stanford’s sports teams are now referred to as the “Stanford Cardinals”, after its school color. The Stanford Tree is the official mascot of the Stanford Band and because of its regular appearance at sporting events, has been adopted as the university’s unofficial mascot.

Notable Rankings

Stanford University ranks as one of the highest or first in many school-ranking measures and has even been nicknamed “Harvard of the 21st century”. Stanford is known for all of its graduate programs and is highly ranked in its schools of education, law, medicine, and business school. Stanford has been the top-ranked Division 1 athletic program for the past 23 years and the school’s athletes have won medals in every Olympic games since 1912. The Stanford Cardinals’ main rivalry is with the UC Berkeley Golden Bears but maintains a rivalry with USC, Notre Dame, and San Jose State as well. 

Additional Information

Main Campus Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
Main Campus Phone Number: 650-723-2300
School Colors: Cardinal & White
Alma Mater: Hail, Stanford, Hail!


Not all Graduate programs and dates have been listed above. Please refer to the school website for more information.