graduation cap and gown



What is CAPGOWN Regalia Match? 

Regalia Match is CAPGOWN’s initiative offering graduate students free rentals of our premium Ph.D. regalia to ensure they can walk the stage and are hooded.

  •  For every ten regalia set purchases/rentals by graduates of a department, CAPGOWN will send the department liaison a code for a free regalia rental 

  •  The department chair/liaison can gift the free rental to a grad who may be in need of a complimentary regalia rental

  • There is no limit to the number of complimentary rentals a department can receive

  • CAPGOWN Regalia Match does not require any administration work, grads simply have to identify their school and department during the checkout process


Why we started CAPGOWN Regalia Match:

For more than 20 years, CAPGOWN has been fortunate and proud to serve Ph.D. communities across the United States. We believe that it’s critical to support the communities where we live, work and study.

Earning a Ph.D. is a significant achievement that requires handwork, patience, and determination. Due to the cost of regalia and other related graduation expenses, some Ph.D. graduates select not to attend commencement. We want to help ensure graduates can attend all ceremonies and celebrate their achievement with their fellow classmates.

How CAPGOWN Regalia Match Works: 

We have made the process of earning a free rental super easy! For every ten regalia set purchases or rentals by students of a department, CAPGOWN will automatically email a code for a free regalia rental to the department chair/liaison at the end of each semester.

The department recipient can then gift the free rental to a student who may be in need of a complimentary rental regalia set. There is no administration work or programming for the departments to handle. Best of all, there is no limit to the number of complimentary gowns a department can receive and the free rental code does not expire.

Once the graduate receives the unique code from the department, he/she can place an order on by selecting the corresponding university under the rental tab and using the code upon check out. The graduate recipient will receive a Ph.D. Gown, Hood, and Cap set with free shipping both ways.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at