Minnesota 2020 Graduate Commencement





May 15, 2020


Ph.D. Regalia Attire

The University of Minnesota's doctoral regalia is distinctive for its velvet chevrons on the sleeves and front panels of the robe. The velvet will be Ph.D. blue or the color assigned to your doctorate degree. An eight-sided velvet tam or traditional mortarboard cap with a black tassel is worn.



University of Minnesota Commencement

Quick History of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, founded in 1851, is the flagship school of the University of Minnesota system. This prestigious university is considered a “Public Ivy”, which is used to refer to universities found to be comparable to an Ivy League school. Because of its high research activity, UMN is categorized as a Doctoral University. It is the oldest and largest campus within the UMN school system and has the sixth largest campus student body in the nation. The campus covers a total of 2,730 acres of land.


Because the state of Minnesota is known as the “Gopher State”, the Minnesota University’s athletic teams began to refer to themselves as the “Gophers”. By the 1920’s, the teams were nicknamed the “Golden Gophers” because of their all-gold uniforms. Goldy Gopher, has remained the school’s lovable mascot. The University of Minnesota is noted for their school spirit, with fans shouting the Gopher cheer “Ski-U-Mah”.

Notable Rankings

"The University of Minnesota offers 200 graduate degree programs and is home to more than 300 institutions focused on research, education, and outreach. The school’s programs in Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Economics, Psychology, and Audiology all rank in the top ten nationwide. Its Medical school and Law school are consistently ranked as top schools as well. UMN highly recommends incoming students to participate in research when they are accepted. The Minnesota Golden Gophers is one of the oldest college-football teams in the nation and has a rivalry with the Wisconsin Badgers. " 

Additional Information

Main Campus Address: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Main Campus Phone Number: 612-625-5000
School Colors: Maroon & Gold
Alma Mater: Hail! Minnesota


Not all Graduate programs and dates have been listed above. Please refer to the school website for more information.