• Princeton University 8-Sided Doctoral Tam (Cap) with Gold Tassel - Rental Keeper
  • Princeton University 8-Sided Doctoral Tam (Cap) with Silk Tassel - rental keeper
  • Princeton University 8-Sided Doctoral Tam (Cap) with Gold Tassel - rental keeper

Doctoral Tam (Cap) for The Princeton University - Rental Keeper


  • Purchase with your rental and save up to $25.
  • Or purchase after you've rented and keep the rental tam. 
  • We thoroughly check our tams and keep them in immaculate condition.
  • Eight-sided cap made with 100% plush black velvet
  • Silk tassel included
  • Gold bullion tassel can be purchased for an additional $10
  • NOTE: The rental keepers are only for customers who have rented the regalia and have chosen to keep it.

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Product Details

Doctoral Tam


The eight-sided tam is made of our finest black plush velvet, which is recognized worldwide as the industry standard. A yellow silk tassel is included with the tam. A gold bullion tassel can be included for an additional $20.

What is the difference between the silk and the gold bullion tassels?

First the similarities: The silk and gold bullion tassels are identically shaped (you can see the bulbous shape in the pictures), and both are produced from fine material. The gold bullion tassel has greater shine and is hand-made, therefore it is more expensive.

The choice of which tassel to select is a personal preference. Some prefer the silk, some like the metallic gold bullion. Silk tassel comes standard on all tams.

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