• MIT Doctoral Regalia - Rental Keeper
  • MIT Doctoral Regalia - Rental Keeper
  • MIT Doctoral Regalia - Rental Keeper

MIT Complete Doctoral Regalia - Rental Keeper

$ 255.00

  • Love your MIT Regalia Rental and want to keep it? 
  • Purchase the Complete MIT Rental Keeper Set
  • Just pay the difference and keep the regalia!
  • NOTE: The rental keepers are only for customers who have rented the regalia and have chosen to keep it.

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Full Regalia


The body of the gown is made of the highest quality silver-gray polyester crepe. The sleeve chevrons and the front panels are made with richly colored, cardinal red velvet. Bell sleeves are used, in the doctoral gown tradition. A full-length zipper in the front and two side pockets are also included.

Heavy-duty protective garment bag included.

The eight-sided cap is constructed of silver-gray polyester crepe. A red silk tassel is included with the cap.

Gown: Polyester Crepe | Plush Velvet
Cap:  Polyester Crepe

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excellent Followup service was also very good. I had to phone the company and I got a very helpful person on the other end of the line. I was calling from Europe.