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When will I receive my regalia?

How can I make sure to receive my regalia by a certain date?

Exchange Policy

How can I exchange my regalia?

How to wear your Regalia

How do I wear and drape the UC hood?

How do I prevent the UC hood from sliding back?

Which way is the cap or tassel worn? Is the tassel turned during the ceremony?

How is it that the Stanford gown does not have a zipper?

Hood Trims and Field of Study Colors

What are the field of study trims for Stanford University?

Does University of California have trims associated with the field of study?

Why don't you sell MIT Hoods?

Other Common Questions

Whats the difference between your UC Regalia and those sold at other UC Bookstores?

What is the difference between the silk and the gold bullion tassels?

How do I clean and store my regalia?

Is Sales Tax charged?

Why do you ask for the graduation date during the checkout process?

Does CapGown offer group pricing?


University of California (All Campuses)

UC Gown Sizing

UC Cap Sizing

UC Hood Length

Stanford University

Stanford Gown Sizing

Stanford Cap Sizing

Stanford Hood Length

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Gown Sizing

MIT Cap Sizing

MIT Hoods

Black Regalia

Gown Sizing

Cap Sizing

Hood Sizing

Frequent Sizing Questions

What if I am between sizes for the gown?

What if I am between sizes for the cap?


Common Rental Questions

Do you send new items when I purchase a rental keeper?

When will my rental arrive?

How many days do I have to return my rental?

Do I need to pay for shipping when returning my rental regalia?

What items am I able to purchase as keeper items?

Can I keep the regalia set after renting it?

Can I rent regalia if I live outside of the US?

How do I return my rental?