• Stanford University Doctoral Hood - PhD Engineering Hood
  • Stanford University Doctoral Hood - PhD

Classic Doctoral Hood for Stanford University

$ 70.00 $ 90.00

  • Classic Design
  • Made with the highest quality black and red crepe
  • Trimmed with luminous satin in the color that signifies the department 
  • Deep blue velvet denotes the Ph.D.
  • All hoods are 4 feet long per regulation


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Product Details

Doctoral Hood


The body of the hood is constructed of black and red polyester crepe. The hood is trimmed with luminous satin in the color that signifies the department. Deep blue velvet, which denotes the Ph.D., while subtle, provides an elegant look and soft feel.

In addition to the blue hood trim that signifies the achievement of a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctorate), Stanford hoods have another set of trims based on the field of study. The table below shows the trim colors and corresponding degree fields.

Trim Color Field of Study
White Humanities, Arts, Sociology
Golden Yellow Science, Mathematics
Gold Psychology
Orange Engineering
Dark blue Philosophy, Political Science
Light Blue Education
Brown Fine Arts
Copper Economics
Drab Business
Crimson Communication

Model wearing Orange hood for the Engineering Department.

Hood: Polyester Crepe | Satin | Plush Velvet

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